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Copyright Issues Related to Image Files

This is the bad luck of our society is that many individuals have been found involved in bad practices. Such practices include stealing of important files especially image files. You will be wondering after seeing same image over different websites. All such websites are claiming to be the author or owner of that particular image file. The most common format being used for such image files is JPEG format. The copyright issues have strongly increased from last few years. The main reason is rapid increase in number of websites and also lack of innovation among such site owners. They use shortcuts to get popularity and success by violating copyright law. There are some loopholes in our current copyright law as well. The copyright law that is currently being observed in our country is also outdated. It needs modifications and up gradation. We strongly request the ministry of Information technology to review all copyright laws and suggest some strong punishment for those people violating such laws. There is also need of some separate force that should be responsible for proper implementation of such laws in a good way. We have strong reservations about current law and we are confident that the state authorities will strongly consider this problem. Petitioned by: JPGtoPDF

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